Fee Analysis/Plan Benchmarking

Many plan sponsors struggle in finding an independent consulting firm to answer straightforward questions:

  • Are the plan fees competitive?
  • Are there any issues we should be concerned about with our plan?

By hiring Comperio on a one-time project basis, the plan sponsor is afforded access to an independent expert who will answer these questions and provide them unbiased advice.

The benchmarking process takes a deep dive into the plan’s current investment, recordkeeping and adviser/consultant fees. A comparison of services and fees is conducted versus a peer universe allowing sponsors to see where their fees rank. In addition, the understanding of how revenue sharing (indirect compensation) is being used within the plan is critical. The propensity of litigation over fees brings a heightened awareness and need to have this type of plan benchmarking conducted.

Target Date Fund Analysis

Today, target date funds are the most popular option for the plan’s default option QDIA (Qualified Default Investment Alternative). Plan Sponsors need to ask themselves a key question:

What process and documentation do we have for the selection of our target date funds-default option?

By hiring Comperio on a one-time project basis, clients receive a deep dive that assesses the plan’s current target date offering. There is a formalized process which integrates the plan’s needs with assessing the current and alternative target date fund universe. We provide an investment analysis of the target date funds, as well as a written report that affords the plan sponsor a detailed documented fiduciary process for target date funds evaluation and selection.


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