Advisor/Consultant Search & Recordkeeper Searches

Advisor Search

We will conduct a 3(21) or 3(38), also called an OCIO (Outsourced Chief Investment Officer) search for clients. Clients will benefit from Comperio vetting out industry consultants and working to find the best fit consulting firm for their needs. Comperio charges a one-time fee for the search project and has conducted multiple advisor searches focusing on the large and mega market plans.

Recordkeeper Searches

We work with clients on a one-time project basis for recordkeeper searches for both defined contribution and defined benefit plans. We employ a five-step due diligence process as an independent firm in evaluating the best fit provider for our clients. We meet with the client to understand their specific needs before providing a recommended and vetted list of recordkeepers to consider. We also provide an analytical analysis of the recordkeepers. Our process includes scheduling finals meetings composing a written report documenting the entire fiduciary process.

Also, Comperio conducts defined benefit searches which can consists of a bundle defined-benefit provider or a separate actuary or trustee search. Comperio charges a one-time consulting fee for the research project and does not receive any compensation from any service provider.


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In the News

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