Our Services

Manager Selection Process & Ongoing Monitoring

Fund Selection by a proprietary process - We construct a fund offering tailored for each company's specific needs. We conduct a comprehensive investment analysis of funds weighting a broad range of factors into our proprietary model. In addition, we implement an extensive qualitative review of the investments to determine which funds meet our highly selective criteria.

Ongoing Fund Due Diligence - We produce a Quarterly Monitoring Report (QMR) that analyzes the plan's funds based on the specific criteria of your Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

Fiduciary Consulting

Design & Implement Investment Policy - We write an Investment Policy Statement and proactively address the content with you annually.

Fiduciary Education and Training - We have specialized training and accreditations as an AIF (Accredited Investment Fiduciary). We educate Plan Sponsors of their fiduciary duty and best practices in being a fiduciary.

Benchmarking & Vendor Searches

Fee Benchmarking Services - We analyze total plan costs and ensure that the fees are fully disclosed and reasonable. We also analyze and quantify any revenue sharing arrangements. We negotiate lower share classes for Plan Sponsors.

Unbiased Vendor Searches - - Since we have no conflicts of interest, we provide professional unbiased advice in your Search Process. We employ a Five Step Due Diligence Process in determining the best-fit provider.

Employee Communications Consulting

Employee Communications Consulting - We leverage our extensive experience in developing a custom education strategy in tandem with the Plan Sponsor and Provider.

Pension Plan Consulting

Portfolio Analysis and Construction - We work with our client to determine their goals and organizational considerations in defining their goals. We employ a rigorous methodology to determine an optimal portfolio structure for the plan. We then stress test this portfolio under multiple adverse market conditions. This enables us make adjustments to the optimal portfolio to account for factors not captured by traditional risk/return analysis.

Manager Selection - We conduct a comprehensive investment analysis of managers weighting a broad range of factors into our proprietary model. In addition, we implement an extensive qualitative review of the managers to determine which managers meet our highly selective criteria.

Pension Plan Consulting - We work with the client's actuary in understanding the liabilities and funding requirements for the Pension Plan. We provide advice on what is a proper Portfolio construction to meet these specific needs.

Foundation Consulting

Foundation Consulting - We become the de-facto investment office and advisor to the investment committee. We work to advise the committee in determining appropriate spending policy. We then recommend a strategic asset allocation target.