Comperio Retirement Consulting, Inc. is a Fee-Only ERISA Fiduciary for Plan Sponsors.

We are an SEC Registered Investment Adviser with no conflict of interest.

Our Consulting Team has extensive ERISA and investment expertise. In addition, we have all the experience you desire in a consultant: AIF®, CFA and CEBS.
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Comperio Retirement Consulting is a truly independent organization with no ties to any product or vendor. Therefore, our objectives match our clients' objectives and enable us to do what is in their best interest. We listen to our clients needs, providing them value added solutions, and we are their trusted partner.

Comperio achieves this goal because we are not a broker, we do not accept soft dollars, we receive no commissions, and we do not sell any products. The result is that our clients receive unbiased professional advice with full fee disclosure and no conflicts of interest. The name of our firm, Comperio, is a Latin word meaning to fully disclose or disclose with certainty.

The 401(k) market is evolving due to recent fee disclosure rules for Plan Sponsors and Participants. Many Plan Sponsors are seeking a truly independent expert who can act in their best interest.

In addition, the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") and Department of Labor ("DOL") have instituted major changes to many 403(b) Plans and are moving these plans to a higher standard of care and stricter fiduciary oversight tied to ERISA standards.

By hiring Comperio Retirement Consulting, you benefit from a firm designed to be your advocate. We acknowledge our fiduciary status in writing, ensuring full fee disclosure and managing your Plan tied to a comprehensive fiduciary process.

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We provide value added services to Plan Sponsors and reduce their fiduciary liability.
These services include:
401(k) Fiduciary/Investment Consulting
403(b) Fiduciary/Investment Consulting
Pension Plan Consulting Foundation Consulting
Fee Benchmarking Services
Fiduciary Education and Training
Employee Communications Consulting
Unbiased Vendor Searches
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